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The Sensory Happy Hair Brush

Most of us have had struggles with helping out children complete just about any self-care task. Whether it be completing a shower routine or tying shoes, some things just feel impossible at times. Well, if you have ever struggled with brushing your child's hair, this one is for you.


Our fearless leader, Erin, has found the answer to your hair brushing disasters. The Happy Hair Brush was created especially for children that identify as Highly Sensory, have ADHD or special needs who find traditional hair brushes hurt or over stimulate them. 

The Original Happy Hair Brush™ incorporates a mix of 5 different hairbrushes and combs styles into one. It has a curved, solid (non-flexible) head so that it can deal with the toughest of hair while protecting the most sensitive of heads. 

Get freedom back with your hair and kids hair as this brush removes brushing drama forever.

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